Plastics Industry, Research & Innovations Forum 2017
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14-15 December 2017
10.00-17.00 hrs

BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand

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Plastic Films, Packaging & Processing

Extruding Barrier Films: Comparing Extrusion Technologies (Blown, Cast, Biax)
Jim Stobie, Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., Canada

Newest Developments in Coating
and Lamination for Specialty Films
and Flexible Packaging
Andrea Glawe
KROENERT GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Adhesive Lamination: New Technology in Solventless Lamination
Fabio Vincenzi, Nordmeccanica Spa., Italy

Coating Machine Configuration
for Advanced Packaging Materials
Ricky L. Keller; Davis-Standard, USA

Polymer Design Concept Serving
for Extrusion Coating Application
Kanyanut Narkchamnan
SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd, Thailand

Specialty Resins for Challenging Needs
in Plastics Packaging
Dr. Hwee Tatz Thai
DuPont Company (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Adhesion Challenges
in Extrusion Coating Lamination 
Océane Lamarzelle
Arkema, France

Low Energy Electron Beam Crosslinking of Polyolefin Films For Packaging Applications
 Im Rangwalla
Energy Sciences, USA

FDA conform Monolayer Sheet with the Gneuss MRS system
Ralf Altepeter
 Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Novel Stabilization Solutions for Polyolefins: Value Creation and product Differentiation 
Dr. Hayder Zahalka
Addivant Global Technology, USA

Pushing the Boundaries of PP
for Film Application

Dr. Andreas Neumann
HMC Polymers Co., Ltd., Thailand

Monoaxially Oriented Polyolefin Films
and their Applications
Wolfgang Rasp
NOWOFOL Kunststoffprodukte GmbH, Germany

Plasma Treatment of Polymers
Rudolf Knes
PINK GmbH Thermosysteme, Germany



Plastics Recycling/Recovery

ed Filtration Solutions
for Polymer Recycling Industry
Dr. Yong Wang
Anji Plastic Machinery, China

Modern Technologies in Plastic Recycling – Turning ‘waste’ into Raw Material
Thomas Berlingen
  EREMA, Austria

State of the art Recycling system
for high quality recycled material

Ralf Altepeter
 Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Medical Plastics & Devices

The accelerated pace of new product development and tools that make it possible, from concept to commercialization
Dr. Austin Coffey
Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland

Emerging injection molding and extrusion processing solutions for the medical device industry
Dr. Sean Lyons
Applied Polymer Technologies, Ireland

Rapidly evolving polymer materials which meet the newest changing industry requirements from passive to active materials
Len Czuba
Czuba Enterprises Inc., USA

Compounding, Extrusion
& New Materials

Transformative role of Biocarbon is Decarbonizing Plastic Processing Industry
 Prof. Mohini Sain
University of Toronto

 Fundamentals of Coloring
Engineering Polymers
Dr. Martin Fabian
Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Transparent PP by different
nucleation technology

Michael Li
BASF, China

A New Trend of Specialty and Eco-friendly Plasticizer
Chantana Sae-Lim, SCG Chemicals, Thailand

Superior ABS Material for Efficient Self-coloring as well as Profile & Extrusion Applications
Kenneth Lam, Senior Development Specialist, Trinseo

Developments in polymeric flame retardant for EPS and XPS foams’
Dr. Daisy Li
ICL group, China

The efficient and sustainable way to realize your aspiration-BASF Pigment Preparations
Calla JIANG, BASF Colors & Effects Co., Ltd., China
A Qualitative Analysis on Dynamic Compounding
Dr. Anthony Wong
Ngai Hing Hong Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

    BioPolymers/Filled Products
Where to use?
Corné Verstraten
Dr. COLLIN GmbH, Germany

Challenges and Solutions
for the Coloring of
Advanced Engineering Polymer Systems
Dr. Martin Fabian
Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Compliance of Food Contact Colorants
Calla JIANG, BASF Colors & Effects Co., Ltd., China


Latest Developments
in PLA Production Technology
Dr. Fabio Codari, Sulzer Singapore Pte Ltd.

Developments in the Asia Pacific PLA
and Bio-Plastic Markets

Stefan Barot
Total Corbion PLA BV, the Netherlands

Bio-based Specialty Polyamides solutions for High performance and durable applications
Dr. Wenda Chen
ARKEMA Kyoto Technical Center, Japan

Future of Polymer Processing for Sustainable Development of Biodegradable Plastics and Design Structures
Prof. Hiroshi Ito,
Yamagata University, Japan


Overview of Bioplastics Industry in Korea
Dr. In-Joo Chin
Korea BioPlastics Association

Digitalization & Industry 4.0

How Digitalisation can save money for Plastic Manufacturers
Aman Gupta
ThingTrax Ltd, USA

Polymer Science & Characterization

Innovative Polymers Made in Thailand  
Dr. Daniel Crespy
Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science
and Technology (VISTEC), Thailand

Multiscale morphological and mechanical characterization of Injection-molded samples
Dr. Andrea Sorrentino
Institute for Polymers, Composites
and Biomaterials (IPCB), Italy

Molecular Orientation Control of Polypropylene Containing Specific Nucleating Agent
Dr. Panitha Phulkerd
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Preparation, characterization and potential applications of polymers with biomimetic surface structures
Professor Jui-Ming Yeh
Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

Electrical and dielectric properties of biopolymer composites
for transient electronics
Dr. Giovanni Landi
 University of Salerno, Italy

Ph.D Students Research

Producing plastics from carbon dioxide
Neha Yadav
 Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science
and Technology (VISTEC), Thailand

Lignin and shellac nanoparticles for anticorrosion applications
Mongkhol Prawatborisut
Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science
and Technology (VISTEC), Thailand