Corporate Sponsorship
7,500 US$ / Company
This package includes
# 18 Sq.M Shell Scheme Booth
# Recognition as "Corporate Sponsor" by Including Logo in all Promotional Material and Display Signages at the event as appropriate
# Full Page Advertisement in Event Guide
# 5- Delegate Tickets for Forum Entry # Distribution of Product Brochure to Participants
Advertisment in Show Directory
Full Page Advertisment
500 US$ (for Exhibitors)
800 US$ (for Non-Exhibitors)

Advertisement in Premium Locations
1,200 US$ (for Exhibitors)
1,500 US$ (for Non-Exhibitors)
Premium locations: Back Cover, Inner Front Cover, Inner Back Cover and Page No.3

Page Dimension: 8.5 inch x 11 inch
Design Format: PDF (330 dpi)
Expo Registration Desk Sponsorship
2,500 US$  (for Exhibitors)
3,500 US$ (for Non-Exhibitors)

This package include
#Insertion of Logo on the Registration Desk of Exhibitors and Visitors
# Full Page Advertisement in the PPES Show Directory